Leash System Traffic Lead Extender


Sizes: 8″X 1″ or 8″X 3/4″
Material: High Quality Nylon Webbing or Brahma Webbing

A high quality 8″ extension designed for use with the Pro-leash Leash System 17″ Traffic Lead, made from Nylon or Brahma Webbing using allows the K-9 slightly more freedom to travel while the handler still maintains the ability to achieve control and the “Heel” position. This item also can be used for smaller dogs who might normally be too small for the standard Pro-Leash Traffic Lead.

Choose a color or material to match your Pro-Leash System.

SKU: 0004

Additional information


Red, Blue, Black, Hunter Green, Fluorescent Orange


3/4", 1"


Nylon, Brahma


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