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Pro-Leash products are American made high quality K9 leashes and accessories. Designed by professional dog handlers, fairly priced and built to last, a great option for customers and retailers alike. 

Pro-Leash Products

Dual Length Leash System Nylon Classic

Great for training or controlled walking, car restraint and tethering.

  • Uses: Short traffic lead, long walking leash (use separate or together)
  • Medium: dogs 35-65 lbs. | Large: dogs over 65 lbs.
  • Medium: 3/4′ wide x 6′ long | Large: 1″ wide x 6′ long.

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Dual Length Leash System Brahma Deluxe

Brahma Deluxe, the next step in quality and performance. Great for training or controlled walking, car restraint and tethering.

  • Medium: dogs 35-65 lbs. | Large: dogs over 65 lbs. 
  • Medium: 3/4″ wide x 6′ long | Large: 1″ wide x 6′ long

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 Brahma Training Leads W/ Logo Storage Bag

Highest quality trailing lead available. Made from patented Brahma webbing, extremely durable. Includes a vented logo carrying bag, 

  • Available in 2 sizes and colors.
  • Medium:  3/4″ wide x 25′ long  |  Large:  1/2″ wide x 30′ long.

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Leash System Traffic Lead Extender

A high quality 8″ extension designed for use with the Pro-leash Leash System 17″ Traffic Lead

  • Made from Nylon or Brahma Webbing
  • Allows the K-9 slightly more freedom to travel while the handler still maintains the ability to achieve control and the “Heel” position
  • Sizes: 8″X 3/4″  |  Large: 8″X 1″.

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Leash System Double Connect Training Clip

A high quality 8″ attachment that features a stainless steel snap located at each end, designed for use with the Pro-Leash 17″ Traffic Lead 

  • Ensures a secure connection when using a correction collar and a standard collar if one point should fail
  • Sizes: 8″ X 3/4″  |  8″ X 1″

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Pro-Leash Lightweight Carry-Bag

The lightweight carry bag is the perfect accessory to carry and transport your Pro-Leash brand equipment and accessories. Pro-Leash logo on front of bag with zip-tie at the top. 

  • Comfortable & convenient for travel
  • Perfect for carrying any of your Pro-Leash brand products

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Pro-Leash Brahma Urban Trailing Lead W/ Logo Storage Bag

  • Brahma Urban Trailing Lead (used by The Hartford Police K-9 Department)
  • Color Black W/ Orange handle for ease of location
  • Comes with Pro-Leash custom logo bag.
  • SIZE: 1/2″ wide x 15′ long.

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Why Choose Us?

All Pro-Leash products are thoughtfully designed to provide the safest and most convenient connection between you and your dog.  Our products are proudly manufactured here in the USA from the finest domestic materials we can find.  Every Pro-Leash owner can sense the high-level of craftsmanship each time they use our patented leash system.  Whether you “connect” with your pet or a specialized search and rescue K-9, the Pro-Leash system will give you both many years of enjoyment and faithful service.


  • 100% American Made
  • Easy To Use
  • Made with dog & handler in mind
  • Superior Durablilty
  • Patented Design

Our network of retailers is currently growing throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts. 

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Pro-Leash Experiences

  • Once I started using the Pro-Leash, I quickly gained control over Max, which helped me regain my confidence. The short traffic lead is especially helpful in keeping him close to me in those tight situations where other owners and their dogs are coming in and out of the apartment complex at the same time we are. Now, I walk Max every day with ease and would highly recommend the pro leash to every dog owner big or small!

    JoAnn and Maximus
  • I bought the Pro-leash dual length leash system for my Bernese Mountain dog, and loved how versatile it is. We loved it all the more after Cooper had hip surgery – we discovered that using just the short traffic lead with his Help ‘Em Up Harness worked wonderfully for his short recuperation walks! Allowed him to walk freely, but kept him near enough to us to grab the harness if needed. Cooper is well on his way to recovery now, and we are back to using the full Pro-leash as we did before. We recommend!

    Amy, RI